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We are a licensed and insured professional security agency. The agency specializes in school physical security, active shooter training for teachers and faculty, personal security detail and business security.
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Check Out Our Appearance on This N That


Canton Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training

Providing training and resources to all management and staff within entities such as businesses, schools, and hospitals that enable them to respond safely to all kinds of incidents- to include active shooter scenarios. This training is individualized to meet the clients’ needs and can be completed on a schedule that fits their needs- including annual, bi-annual, quarterly, or one-time training.

Canton Firearms Training

Firearms Training

NRA certified trainers that provide familiarization and safety training to any type of firearm, including pistol, rifle, carbine, and shotgun. Training can be conducted at a client's preferred location to include an indoor or outdoor training facility provided by Keith Consulting. Virtual scenario training is also available to allow clients to see how they may react in real-time to many scenarios. Trainers are insured and licensed to provide training and all training may be done individually. Group rates also available.

Canton Customized Home Plan of Action

Customized Home Plan of Action

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you wake up to a window breaking. How would you respond and react from the time you call the police till they can arrive? Let our team help you learn how to protect your home and family. This includes safe movement through your home, areas that you can engage and not engage an intruder, as well as communication and safe meeting areas for you and your family. Ideal locations for cameras and alarms systems as well as laws specific to your state.

Other training that can be included are things such as natural disasters and severe weather scenarios and medical emergencies. Examples of this additional training include:
-Fire / Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Escape planning,
-Severe Weather – Shelter Location, Food / Water
-Medical Emergency – Massive Hemorrhage, choking, drowning, first aid, CPR

Canton Vacation and Foreign Travel Security Briefs

Vacation and Foreign Travel Security Briefs

Whether your travel needs are for business or pleasure, let Keith Consulting develop an international plan for your needs. These plans include locations of hospitals, embassies, and law enforcement agencies. Get a country overview with the “do’s and don'ts” of local areas and how to register with the Secretary of State when traveling internationally.

Canton Personal/Executive Security Detail

Personal/Executive Security Detail

Our agents are highly qualified, trained, certified and insured to provide personal and executive security. Services can range from transportation to a local event, the airport, a high profile event and everything in between. Our personalized plans keep clients and their locations safe and can be provided for short term or long term contracts and for single events.

Canton Event Security

Event Security

Let your event plans go off without a hitch with our professional security personnel. Events plans are personalized to each client’s needs and can provide personnel that are identifiable or discreet. Examples of events we can help provide security to include but are not limited to the following:
-Conferences and conventions
-Sporting Events
-Galas and Banquets

Whether your needs are residential, business, or travel-related, let our team provide armed security services with expertise and professionalism. Our team has years of real-life national and international security experience to provide the very best experience for you today!